ZANITARY Series The Best Sanitary Rupture Disk on the Market

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14 Mayo 2020

Dear Customer, We are excited to showcase the ZANITARY Series. An advanced sanitary disk designed for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, life sciences and food processing industries!

The new patent pending technology incorporates completely new and unique manufacturing processes. Utilizing a materials’ natural properties, this exclusive process delivers a superior fatigue resistant and high-performance rupture disk. Without indentations or crevices meeting the demanding geometric 3A requirements, ensuring the process side is inherently smooth providing a high purity service.

What Makes ZANITARY Series superior to the competition?

  • ZOOK Unique Technology
  • Patent Pending Unique Design
  • Exclusive Passivation Finish to Ensure Ultra-Clean as a Standard
  • ZANITARY Welded Cartridge for Customized Solutions
  • FDA Compliant Coated Packaging
  • No Paint or Enamel on Disk
  • Inventive Stress Relieving Process
  • 3A Compliant and Certified
  • Plastic Free Packaging

  • The following material will help you understand why the ZANITARY Series is superior to competitive sanitary rupture disks:

    1. ZANITARY Product Teaser Video
    2. CamTalks ZANITARY Video
    3. ZANITARY Brochure
    4. ZANITARY Landing Page on Website
    5. Sanitary Webinar: How to Choose the Right Sanitary Rupture Disk
    6. Webinar Slides

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